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Cheddiss T


A New Rap Singer with stint elements of R&B melodies, tunes that keep your head banging leaving you with an Ideal-image of listening more to his music.

He shares his stories behind his melodic authentic skills being influenced in American English early age of 7 at a time his rap music foundation. His international act is in filed prominent by one of the most top well know best rapper such as the late Big Pun "Pun Intended" with his puns, idioms and wordplay tactics which drawn attention to his quintessential character using puns, wordplays as hard as a hand gesture with his rift, rawthentic-male L. A voice projection builds the whole foundation of his rap name "Cheddiss T/Cheddar/Cheese" colloquially makin' of the the upcoming unknown rap Legends of Cape Town.

Cape Town, V&A Waterfront

Meanwhile, along with one of the best legends of his own origin City Of Cape Town know professionally by his rap stage name as "Youngstar CPT" /Mr. Jan Van Riebeck) as much as the two have never clashed hand in hand nor even exchange common grounds on each other in time possibly we sure to hear another story told from this two legends. His style is rather much influenced also by the new well know R&B / Canadian rap singer professionally know as "Tory Lane" such as Aliyah, Etta James, Erykah Badu and many many more. He also recently dropped his features single and written one of the best choruses for "PRICEY" w/o BLVQ IRIS on her late E.P "The Company You keep".

VENXE VI/20 Single Tracks uploaded only for purposes of downloads apart from mainstreaming the tape instead it was uploaded on @SoundCloud for download purposes.

"IF I" (Prod. Dude Lil Beats & Medd Scientist)

He recently released his new R&B/Rap Single track "If I" a song beautifully dedicated to any feminint female all around the world with the idea of how black women are firm with their characteristic traits revealing the true colors of any women whether bold, beautiful, strong or weak they can be end of the day a women can't never force herself to a man irrespectivly.

But still "Don't let em do what they do on you baby, I don't let 'em do it, I can't let' em do it, If I was your men"

GHOSTOWN ROAD TAPE 2021 || is the streets talk of Cape Town right now!!! Immensely which leaving his fans waiting for his live stage performances, visual videos and instagram capsules to be released.




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Cheddiss T

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