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1. Where are you from ?

 I was born in Johannesburg but moved to Cape Town in 2013.


2. What made you choose 'Sptmbr Yngstr.' as your stage name ?

September is my birth month. I chose the name when I was 17 so youngster fit perfectly & had a nice ring to it (haha).


3. How long have you been producing?

Just over 2 years now.


4. What’s the influence of your production style?

The scenery around me influences my style & Cape Town has some of the best scenery in the world. The tall buildings in the CBD & mansions along the coast, the beautiful beaches, mountains & wildlife definitely have an impact on my music.


5. Who are some of your favourite local influences?

 I've never really been influenced by local musicians but SA is definitely full of talent across all genres. I'm glad to be connecting & working with a lot of really cool people across the country.


6. Would you mind expanding on how the Soulection playlisting happened and what it meant for you to hear your song there for the first time? Were you a fan of the show beforehand?


Honestly I would never have expected them to use my song for their North American tour promo vid let alone get played 3 times on Soulection Radio.


I guess Joe Kay found my track by chance (haha). I've never been a die hard Soulection fan as I've only found out about them 2 or 3 years ago but it's cool to know they dig my music.

7. What advice would you give South African producers trying to get their music out?

Never change your style to fit in. Overtime people will start noticing & acknowledging your talent & authenticity so keep practicing & releasing the music!


8. And lastly, your genre is very unique in the face of other local South African hip hop acts, do you think there’s room for your kind of sound (i.e. the future bounce/ Soulection style) to make a local impact ?

My style of music is definitely not in demand yet in SA but I believe in a few years I'll help bring a lot of awareness to the talent that's getting overlooked in our country. I


f we all work together (musicians, platforms, event companies, media outlets etc.) our community can definitely have a huge impact worldwide even.



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This week's guest is none other than Cape Town's own @sptmbr-yngstr 🇿🇦

You may have heard him on Joe Kay's Soulection Radio or seen him at Cape Town's Rocking the Daisies festival but he's been kind enough to bless us with some exclusive bangers (available @FTLRadio)

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